Interspeech 2017 Series | Acoustic Model for Speech Recognition Technology

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语音顶会Interspeech 论文解读|Multi-Task Multi-Network Joint-Learning of Deep Residual Networks and Cycle-Consistency Generative Adversarial Networks for Robus



INTERSPEECH 2017系列 | 语音识别技术之自适应技术

语音顶会Interspeech 论文解读|Investigation of Transformer based Spelling Correction Model for CTC-based End-to-End Mandarin Speech Recognition

Interspeech 2017 | Small-footprint Keyword Spotting Technology

Interspeech 2017 - Speech Synthesis Technology

语音顶会Interspeech 论文解读|Constrained output embeddings for end-to-end code-switching speech recognition with only monolingual data



INTERSPEECH 2017系列 | 语音合成技术

Interspeech 2017 | Far-field Speech Recognition Technology


Voiceprint Recognition System – Not Just a Powerful Authentication Tool

INTERSPEECH 2017系列 | 语音识别技术之声学模型

(zhuan) Speech and Natural Language Processing

语音顶会Interspeech 论文解读|Towards Language-Universal Mandarin-English Speech Recognition

INTERSPEECH 2017系列 | 语音识别就让出理 技术

Interspeech 2017 | Self-adaptive Speech Recognition Technology

Deep learning From Image to Sequence